domingo, 30 de julho de 2017

Lost fucking case

Hello, i came back here.
I know, i'm a failer, a drunk and a junkie. I can't be helped.
I often daydream about some sort of serenity, that could perhaps be accomplished. By time, peace and maturity.
But i keep aiming to bite and destroy, secretly planning astoundly sick plans to undermine all foundations i so carefuly built. Almost as if i did it, just to destroy them later.
And i bark, i bark, and then i cuddle like a needy little kitten.
But could i do it everyday for the rest of my life?
Wouldn't i feel trapped and alone and scream my lungs out to be free?
I don't do it, but i'm capable of the most horryfing things. And i almost aim for a reason to do them, so i can express all the destruction and chaos that still silently reside inside of me.